We at Griffin Airsoft have made it our goal to deliver the best and fastest service for our customers! But to be able to do this smoothly, there needs to be some guidelines to follow.

1) Payment
We provide several options for our customers to choose between, and we try to have the explanations done as well as possible on the site for everyone to be able to buy and receive their packages as fast as possible!
   a) PayPal – This is probably the fastest and smoothest payment when shopping from us. PayPal offers PayPal members the option to buy items by one click and a password, and Non-members to buy with a credit card.
   b) Direct Bank Payment – This option is also quite fast, especially if you use an Internet bank with the correct transfer settings setup. No parts or items will be shipped until we have seen the money in the bank account.

2) Shipping
As of right now there will be some limitations on shipping options, and the only one we offer right now is through USPS. The rates on our site are based on the most common sizes and rates for online shopping. And We use “Flat Rates” to determine the most efficient cost.

3) Order Cancellation
If of some reason we don’t have the product, which got ordered in stock, we will not charge anything for annulment or any restock fee. However, if some reason a client decides to cancel an order when the product is already packed, there will be a fee of $30. If the package was sent and a cancelation would occur, there will be a fee of $50 plus the amount of the shipping.

4) Website Art
Every image posted on this website is property of Sawdy Arts, LLC and/or Griffin Airsoft. If there will be any kind of fault plays with any Copyright material, there will be legal actions. If you do need any of the art or item identifiers, please ask info@sawdyarts.com and perhaps an agreement can be made.

5) Warranty
As a dealer we abide by the rules and agreement set up by our wholesalers. These rules are subject to change and without our knowledge. Different wholesalers have different ideas of warranties and therefore you shall ask before sending anything back to Griffin Airsoft.
You have to pay for the initial postage and if accepted as a qualifying warranty claim, Griffin Airsoft or the involved wholesaler will be reimbursed for the product and the postage.
If the fault is determined to be the buyers we will give him/her the option to get the gun sent back for the postage cost and a service fee of $20.
When and if you do send anything back under warranty you need to fill out the paper in the box with your order and send the whole package back to us at:

Griffin Airsoft
201 3rd St
Perth, ND 58363, United States

We suggest and ask every buyer to inspect his or her package and items as soon as possible. We do quality controls before sending the package out, but if anything breaks while in transit we need to know a.s.a.p.

If you have any questions regarding our policies please call us at (701) 550-2899